art, and music in particular, possesses the unique ability to engage simultaneously at the emotional and intellectual level. this is where its fantastic propensity to effect real change derives from. kneejerk's music strives to be revolutionary at every level, and thereby to inspire the listener to bring the same challenging and original thought that informs real art, to bear on the real issues of life.

in music we simply attempt to inject passion and energy. kneejerk was never about writing music that we simply liked, it has always been about writing music that we love, and that is all we can do.

the band, frank, chris, ben, some friends

the band

so it's sometime in late 1997, and four kids at school together get a pop punk band together. they play around for a bit, recording a couple of demos but generally being pretty abysmal at what they do. then they discovered the joys of emo and hardcore, and decided that it was high time they started again at what they were doing. their bass guitarist left, and their singer started playing bass as well, and at this time, Ali (BDF aka Kingpin) was bashing the drums. they started to write and rehearse some new tunes.

now we get to late 1998, and the first show, supporting boy sets fire, yeast and special move at the red eye in london after begging their way onto the bill. they were pretty terrible, but not as bad as they might have been, and they make a couple of friends. that christmas they rush into the studio with the 11 songs they have written and record them in 7 hours.

so then we get to early 1999, and they decide to set up a label to put these recordings out. by this time, Ali had been replaced by Tatton on the drums, so he had to learn the recorded songs. with some friends they get together a group called now we must and they put out these recordings on a kind of CDR album called 'helpless i cry'. they do about 150 copies, make more friends, play a couple more shows up and down the country.

then we move on to summer 1999, and they decide it's time to tour the uk. Tatton had been asked to leave for being too emo, and Ben was brought in as a last resort, and had to learn the songs in just two weeks. so they get together with their good friends abjure, a van and some equipment and play a nine date tour of the uk. the crowds weren't so big, but it was a lot of fun and they didn't lose too much cash, so it was worth it. after coming off the road they go straight into the studio and recorded the music for 5 new tracks.

throughout the rest of of the summer and autumn they play more shows and try to finish off their recording in their producer's bedroom and get it mixed. it was agreed that it would come out as a split with abjure on skipworth records as soon as possible. things were finished, a title was agreed on (eventually) and the split cd 'don't clap it startles me' came out in early 2000.

february 2000 saw the boys back on the road again with symbiosis from manchester, playing four dates up and down the uk. that april again they played a couple of shows and recorded a demo of some new material. they then took as break for a couple of months to finish college and for one of them to escape to africa for a while, but now they are returned and ready to rock! which is where we are now, i guess.


frank turner
for years i have lived in this hole... for years i have pushed it under, suppressed it, the anger, the hate, the extra two pairs of arms... shunned by the world that spawned me, turned out from the lab like so much trash... well NO MORE! now i shall emerge from this shell, now i shall reek vengeance, armed with these weapons that i have slowly crafted from dead earwigs and mold in my cell. i shall rain down destruction on those who warped me into the fetid lump that i am. i shall come in the night and leave before the dawn, unseen, unheard, leaving only a trail of destruction and a simple message for doctor smythe-hetherington: i don't care about your feelings, i don't care that i made you cry (and bleed everywhere). and then, like a condom disposed after the heat of the night's passion, i am gone.


chris lucas
ah, venice in the sunset, how could i forget. never will we see the like of those days again. i remember it as if it were yesterday. archie and i were having a drink at a place i know in la piazza dell'ippopotami, when tara comes running from the west, her golden locks embraced by a halo of rich crimson. she tripped on a paving stone and smashed her face. yeah, what? shit happens.


ben dawson
Marabelle gave a low throaty chuckle. She was wearing a grey chiffon dress with specks of diamante, it clung tighter than foil, barely covering her large tempting breasts.
Gino felt a stirring in a place where he didn't often feel a stirring any more. Since Maria...nobody permanent... no woman who held his interest past a week or two... no woman he wanted to wake up with... Ten years of being alone was a long time.

some friends

the revolutionary committee that is kneejerk hereby proclaims that the liberation of the musical proletariat is entirely due to the efforts of the members of the said committee. however, we are prepared to accept the following bands and their members will not be placed against the wall and shot, and thenceforth erased from history, due to the fact that they have played shows with us. continued loyalty is expected. all other musical combos are to be terminated.

86, 12th angel calling, 17 stitches, abjure, alcatraz, assert, asshole parade, the autumn year, babies 3, bdf, boy sets fire, breezeblock, cameran, the cherry reds, deadbeat, dina, divide, end of the century party, endstand, engage, exinferis, facedown, fall silent, goober patrol, good clean fun, grampus 8, grand central, the green acre, grover, hhh, hotwired, hythe, imbalance, in the clear, intoxication plc., john holmes, jor, karmic gerra, liar, mend this tear, minority, out for the count, powder monkey, profane, redlightsflash, ripley, ripping teeth, rydell, scalplock, scuttle, silencer 7, soma, southpaw, special move, spy versus spy, stars rain down, stegel, the steptones, the summer book club, sunfactor, sunstarved day, supatrix, symbiosis, tbac, urko, yeast.