interview taken from issue two of conditioned ezine. questions answered by frank. interview conducted via email in spring 2000.

so who is in kneejerk?

me (frank) on bass and most vocals, ben on drums and some vocals, chris on guitar and some vocals. we've been playing together for 2 and a half years, we've been friends for longer.

how did your tour with symbiosis?

it was amazing. our friends from norwich drove us around, which was so nice of them. we were in the same tour van as last time, which was nice, and symbiosis were nice people and an amazing band. we actually broke even financially at the end, which was cool. it was a pity we couldn't do it for longer than four days, but we had to get back to college.

i understand you used to be a pop punk band. what inspired the change?

well, there was us three and another guy called cheng (from china) playing, we were called badger doritos (cringe), and we were fucking appalling. but hey, it was fun, and we were so offensive it was cool - we once played at a school assembly with ben half naked, chris in a dress, cheng with a communist get up and me with "victim" daubed on my chest in black lipstick. but we started to get a bit more serious about our music, listened more widely, that kind of thing. we felt we needed to expand fully musically. so we did. cheng left because he didn't like the new stuff, which was sad, but hey.

were you pleased with the outcome of the abjure split?

generally yes. there are a couple of glitches in the sound which annoy me, but overall it was good. it was a hell of a lot better than our first cd! one problem though, is that we were starting to play those songs live last summer, and now they're getting a little old for us, but for most people they're new. we're working on some new stuff, and hopefully we can get that out a lot sooner than before.

do you feel like you're being paired with abjure at all?

a little, in that we did a tour and a split and a load of shows with them, but it doesn't bother me. musically we are different but work well together (i think). i reckon it's important as a musician to play music that i would absolutely love were i to hear it independently. i think in an alternative universe were i to pitch up and see us and abjure i'd be happy! they are also really close friends of ours, which is cool.

are you going to continue releasing records on skiworth?

i have no idea. part of me says i'd love to because he is an amazing guy and he has helped us so much, but maybe i'd like to look at other labels. i'm not commiting myself.

which current uk bands have really blown you away recently?

canvas, the autumn year, mend this tear, hhh, engage, hythe (they are amazing!!), sunstarved day... also arab strap, who are unstoppably good. portishead... are red snapper from the uk?

describe kneejerk in 3 words

one guy in leeds i was talking to described us as "just good music". that was nice.

have you got anything planned for the near future?

well, we're working on a load of new stuff, it's a little more crazy than the split stuff, bringing in more influences and so on. like drum and bass, folk, that kind of thing. don't worry - we haven't morphed into dillinger, we're just spreading out more and more. hopefully we can get that into a full length sooner or later - september some time, something like that. we have a problem in that all our songs are getting really long! like one of them is ten minutes... i think there might only be seven tracks on the CD, but hey, look at led zeppelin and stuff, they only had six or seven sometimes. so fuck it.

any last words?

yeah, thank you for doing an interview. i like to talk about this kind of thing a lot because while music is the main part of what we do, i think discussion and exchange of ideas is really important as well. so it would be nice if people want to mail us, or check out our website or whatever.