the half-life of kissing
the back cover

the figures after each song title break down as follows: the first number is the beats per minute of the click track we used to record the song. if there are tempo changes in the song (as often there were) there's a little arrow pointing to the new tempo. if a song reverts to an original tempo, we didn't repeat it. the next number is the length of the track. the final number represents the key of the piece; 6 and an up arrow means 6 sharps in the key, etc., and again arrows denote key changes. where the idea wasn't applicable, we wrote 0.
this is all given away by the graph in the top left corner. the label for the dotted line expands to [tempo.time.accidentals]. we removed the vowels. p, q, and r underneath the graph are the averages of these figures over all tracks respectively. the graph is a graph of 'mood against time' - as in when the record is happy, the line is up etc. the (Hz) and (ms) labels are meaningless.