references etc.:
this song is about childhood etc., and has nods to this tree in the back of my garden into which i made my friends carve their initials. the lyrics in the last pre-chorus do not refer to 'feeling dead inside' the band. this song features the only kneejerk guitar solo ever.
the photograph in the background is the shadow of a guitar against a wall. it was used as the cover of the demo we did of this album.

frank: and so at last i can look, peeking through wired and crisscross fingers at these marks that we made, knife blade deep in the wood. we thought we'd marked our names to last through all the years - a record of our aspirations. we'd come back and look when our joints didn't work. i never used to understand why my father sighed. these plants smile at me now. i wish i could say i was old and wise but bark has started to heal, fading like breath on a window. i never used to understand why my father sighed - his once-a-year friends waved away... i used to know the way back home so i'd wander for days. i left a trail so i could find myself but it faded away. and so i tell you this with an honesty i'm not sure i understand - i'm paralyzed and terrified as i watch these friends slip through my hands. and now i think i understand why my father sighed: we tried so hard but we keep feeling dead inside. i used to know the way back home but the memory ahs gone. and when i tell you i'll be home again it's because i'm sure where i belong.