how to make someone fall in love with you
how to make someone fall in love with you


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ben wrote the lyrics and sang this song, while frank played drums and chris played guitar and bass. it was the last song written for the album, something of a late addition. the title derives from the fact that the chords to the final section, if played appropriately, are total cheezy jazz. the album has one set of words (those actually sung), while ben had a more extensive lyric sheet he wanted in there (we fucked up). they are below.
the photograph in the background is a camel's skull in a field in tanzania.

ben: forgive me for thinking i'm important sometimes i mistake myself for being human but obviously i don't have emotions, i am just a toy and you are my controller. your eyes move my will and your laugh compels me but sometimes i wish i could bash your fucking brains in, watch your insides spill on my emotionless feet feel your warm blood on my face as you bleed helplessly. cut you open make you scream, as my warm tears anoint your beautiful face, i'll break your fucking leg whilst telling you i love you, slice your fingers one by one i will make you pay for the torture you inflict upon me. now the climax - the greatest pain i can concieve and which i wish you to recieve - i condemn you to be me. and all this because i wish to unburden my pain and i'm afraid of the cost. well fuck you then if i can't be the one, save your heart for me. and all this because I simply can't tell you that I love you.