the end of another great weekend
the end of another great weekend


references etc.:
this song is about the journey from london back to our college, a journey we all used to do at the end of the weekend, when we had to leave our friends and return to a place we didn't want to be. i think the last line of the chorus was subconciously lifted from a get up kids song, but i'm not sure. the long sample in the middle of the song comes from the stoned age.
the photo in the background is sand and shingle on a beach in sheringham, norfolk.

frank: it's gone. how many times will it take me - this gut-wrench of despair? tell me how can i stop me from breaking? the fear of two steps back to a place where i can't belong. i'm scared that i might speak the wrong words, saying 'home' when i mean 'fear'. i have found everything that i need here, now i'm pulled away again. i don't fucking need this. tracing these well worn steps away from the places i feel safe, from the people that i love, and holding back the welling over from cloudy day to rain, is the hardest thing to do. but i know we'll dance these steps again.
ben: pulled by the heels once again. but i know we'll dance these steps again.